The Luxurious Laura- The Luxury Model

Laura was born in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. At age 11, her family moved to Dallas, Texas. She began modeling school age 12 at Barbizon Modeling, and continued at age 16 at Mayo Hill Centre' in Houston, Texas. Laura is enjoying modeling weekly photoshoots, commercials,  music videos, short films and editorial work. You can view Laura’s work in her Gallery. Laura's love for travel and adventure has her readily available for new Bookings

In addition, she studied Cosmetology in 2008 while working as a makeup artist. She received her Esthetics license in 2010 and opened Le Luxe Spa in 2013. Laura is her own model for Derma Lucia, an anti-aging skin care regimen she carries online.  Derma Lucia provides a youthful look for Laura to embrace her beauty in each modeling position. Her plan is to continue modeling, cosmetology,  and working in the beauty industry. 

Laura's passion for beauty, glamour, elegance, art, and lavish living keeps her thriving, striving to be best of the best. Laura loves adventure, travel, and spending time with her husband and 4 children whom they homeschool. In her spare time she enjoys studying piano, singing, dancing and sewing. Her mission is to warm everyone's heart with beauty inside that shows outwardly.

What the press is saying about Laura..

"Laura is great to work with. She is so photogenic!"  ~ Photographer 

"Laura is a pleasure to photograph. Each pose exudes her grace and emotion" ~ Photographer 

"Laura has a natural beauty and radiance that exemplifies the glamorous life."  ~ Fan Member 

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